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Team Management Services, LLC was founded on the premise that association management companies (AMC's) should be more than simply “standard operating procedures”. Today’s economy has created many challenges for non-profit associations and Team Management Services recognizes that your association must have the same attributes found in running a successful business. Your association requires  strong leadership, a staff of dedicated professionals, sound financial management, a vision for the future and the insight and resources to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. 


When retaining the services of a management company, associations should look for a business partner who can provide not only the day-to-day management services for the association, but also provide innovation, strategic guidance and the leadership necessary to assist the organization in achieving their goals. We have a record of successfully providing that leadership and vision to our clients. We provide scalable solutions to fit the needs of organizations regardless of their size. Our passion, dedication and loyalty are our signature trademark. We measure our success by the success of our clients.  Our client base is strictly on referrals.

Edith C. Tella
President & CEO



Skills: Communications, Problem Solving, Adaptability, Collaboration, Strong Work Ethic, Time Management, Critical Thinking, Self-Confidence, Ability to Handle Pressure, Multitasking, Leadership, Creativity, Innovative, Negotiations, Self Motivated.

Edith's expertise lies in her remarkable ability to provide unique, innovative solutions to help her clients reach their goals. Edith's strengths lie in her strong communications, solid leadership and controlled negotiation skills which has earned her the respect of her peers and clients for over 25 years. Her passion & dedication to provide personalized services to each of her clients is evident. Her belief is that there is always a solution to be discovered and no challenge that can not be faced.

Over the course of her career, Edith has received numerous awards of recognition of achievement for her leadership, innovation, and strategic planning in the management of non profit Trade Associations & Professional Societies both nationally and internationally.  

A true entrepreneur with strong ethical beliefs and a commitment to the vision is recognized by her clients.  Strictly working on referrals, Team Managements Services continues to grow & remain strong under the direct leadership of Edith and the dedication & passion of her Team.


Edith is a NYS Licensed Real Estate Agent, has two sons and resides in Westchester County where she is actively involved in many local community activities. She enjoys reading, boating, sports, outdoors, and traveling.


A member of NAR, NYSBR, HGAR, NAPW

Kenneth Commons
Project Manager
Kenneth Commons
Project Manager
Alyssa Cosentino
Office Manager
Maria Borea-Puccella
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